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Marco Cerretelli

Resident Artist & Owner

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Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Marco’s first encounter with tattooing came while he was in the Italian Army.  A scratcher at heart, building his first tattoo machine out of an old Walkman, a toothbrush, and a pen.

From 1998 to 2002, he worked for Maurizio Fiorini, the Italian Tattoo Master or Il Maestro as he is known; Maurizio is the oldest living Italian Tattoo Artist. In 2002 Marco graduated from the prestigious Academy of Art in Florence. After several years of traveling throughout Europe, attending conventions, building relationships, and honing his craft, he felt the need to expand his cultural horizon.  The great American adventure:  initially working in New York City and eventually to Los Angeles in 2003.  In California, Marco was given the opportunity to work for the legendary Bob Roberts at Spotlight Tattoo, alongside other great artists.

In 2009 Marco opened the doors to the Honorable Society, where he continues to share his craft and provide humble service to his customers.

Marco specializes in a variety of styles, including Traditional, Fine Line, Black and Grey, Japanese.  He is able to assist customers in Italian, his native language.  Additional work can be found on his Instagram @marcocerretelli.


Marco Cerretelli is often recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in Los Angeles.  Known for his distinct drawing style and his infamous female faces.