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Deposit Policy

Awesome, we’re happy to hear you’re considering making an appointment with us!  The Honorable Society tries to be as mindful as possible regarding deposits, both for you and for our artists.  Please keep in mind that when you’re booking an appointment, an artist is blocking their schedule for one on one time with you, meaning that time is held for you.  Additionally, they’re following their own artistic process to prepare your design or drawing – even if you’re providing an exact design or reference, it still needs to be prepared for actual tattooing.

When sending a deposit and booking an appointment, please be aware of these policies:

  1. Deposits are non-refundable.
  2. With advance notice, we’ll work with you on rescheduling without requiring an additional deposit.  Life happens, so we’ll be as reasonable as possible.
  3. Appointment cancellations may forfeit your deposit.  Same as above, we can help you move your appointment to another day or time.
  4. No-call no-shows may forfeit your deposit.  We send text and email confirmations, as well as text and email reminders prior to the appointment.  Missed it?  Sorry, we’ll require a new deposit.