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Our Work

At The Honorable Society, we take pride in every project and are happy to showcase our creativity and expertise here.

Explore the diverse range of collaborations and success stories that reflect our passion for the art of tattooing.

Fine Line Tattoo Portfolio

Fine Line Tattoos

Meticulous. Refined. Artistic.

Traditional Tattoo Portfolio

Traditional Tattoos

Classic. Bold. Resolute.

Realism Tattoo Portfolio

Realism Tattoos

Crisp. Elaborate. Striking.

Water Color Tattoo Portfolio

Water Color Tattoos

Vivid. Fluid. Expressive.

delicate tattoo ideas

Delicate Tattoos

Neat. Artful. Ethereal.

Script Tattoo Portfolio

Script Tattoos

Direct. Versatile. Customized.

To have your tattoo ideas customized and brought to life at the best tattoo shop in West Hollywood, with the quality that The Honorable Society is known for, schedule a consultation with us.