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Walk In Tattoos at The Honorable Society in West Hollywood

Walk ins welcome! The Honorable Society in West Hollywood is happy to take you however you come, by appointment or not. If you’re curious about how this works, read our article on walk in tattoo shops.


Walk in tattoo shops are ideal for that spontaneous soul who just wants something small-scale, simple, and same day. These are perfect for scratching that tattoo itch, exploring new ideas, or letting go of the reigns entirely.


Give us a call (323.654.2440) we often have same-day availability to meet your needs and can fit you with the perfect artist given a little notice.

Or, simply walk in! Our tattoo shop is open 7 days a week from 10 am -10 pm, and we can almost always fit you in.

Walk in, choose a design, and get tattooed.


  • If you have a custom design you’d like to use, stop in to check with an artist that it can be done in a single session that day.
  • Ask the right questions!
    • How much time should I expect this to take?
    • How much will it cost?
    • What time can you do this today?


If you’ve got ideas and desires too big for a quick session or want to ensure a booking with a specific artist, schedule an appointment with us. The process is easy!

Just click here.


Here are some good examples of what you can realistically expect to get. We pride ourselves on having the best artists and maintaining a top-quality shop. For some tips on making sure you pick the right place for your next tattoo, check out our article on identifying the best tattoo shops.

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